Beta versions

Beta versions are released every month, usually accompanied by a Progress Report article. Use the latest beta version if you prefer stability over the newest features in the development versions.

The Windows beta versions require the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2022 to be installed.

5.0-21460 1 mes, 3 selmanes ago Translation resources sync with Transifex
5.0-21264 3 meses ago Core: Fix IPL device m_cursor overflow (PR #12667 deJosJuice)
5.0-21088 4 meses, 2 selmanes ago InputCommon: Fix profile path inconsistencies (PR #12561 deJosJuice)
5.0-20347 7 meses, 1 selmana ago AX: fix envelope volume for Wii ucodes (PR #12301 deTilka)
5.0-19870 10 meses, 2 selmanes ago Remove force disable WC24 Standby (PR #12064 denoahpistilli)

Versiones en desendolcu

Development versions are released every time a developer makes a change to Dolphin, several times every day! Using development versions enables you to use the latest and greatest improvements to the project. They are however less tested than beta versions of the emulator.

The Windows development versions require the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2022 to be installed.

5.0-21770 1 día, 6 hores ago Decouple Hardcore from EmulationStateChanged (PR #12878 deLillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-21768 1 día, 9 hores ago Add MemoryVerifier to AchievementManager Startup (PR #12872 deLillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-21766 1 día, 15 hores ago DolphinQt: Adjust CPU Clock Override slider (PR #12876 dedreamsyntax)
5.0-21764 1 día, 15 hores ago DolphinQt: fix some warnings (PR #12884 deTilka)
5.0-21760 1 día, 15 hores ago Trim extra characters from measured progress (PR #12879 deLillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-21758 1 día, 15 hores ago Fix cut off text in Achievements dialog (PR #12883 deLillyJadeKatrin)
5.0-21756 2 díes, 2 hores ago Core/VideoCommon: Revert change from #12828 (PR #12886 deAdmiralCurtiss)
5.0-21754 2 díes, 10 hores ago Clean up Core::GetState (PR #12828 deJosJuice)
5.0-21751 2 díes, 10 hores ago IOS/USB Add 2 more Spaces for Disney Infinity figures (PR #12771 dedeReeperJosh)
5.0-21749 2 díes, 10 hores ago Vulkan: Update Vulkan headers, VulkanMemoryAllocator (PR #12875 deluiscondesdi)

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Legacy versions

The legacy versions below are years out of date and missing countless features and bug fixes. Beta or development versions are a better choice for almost all users; the legacy versions should only be used if you have a specific need for them.
Dolphin 5.0 8 años ago
Dolphin 4.0.2 10 años, 6 meses ago
Dolphin 4.0.1 10 años, 8 meses ago
Dolphin 4.0 10 años, 9 meses ago
Dolphin 3.5 11 años, 6 meses ago
Dolphin 3.0 13 años ago

Linux distributions

Users of Linux distributions can look here to compile Dolphin: Building Dolphin on Linux

Códigu fonte

La cabera versión del códigu fonte de Dolphin pue baxase del repositoriu GIT.

    $ git clone

Tamién pues restolar la versión más anovada del códigu fonte.

Informar fallos

For reporting bugs please go to the issue tracker. Before creating a new issue, make sure to try a recent development build and search the existing issues.