3.5-1489 7 años, 8 meses ago Revert "Added optimizations to ClassifyFloat/Double functions in Mathutil.cpp and to PPCCache.cpp"
3.5-1488 7 años, 8 meses ago When loading a save state in read only that mismatches the current movie, load the input prior to the save state from the save state's movie, instead of using the current movie's input up to that poin...
3.5-1487 7 años, 8 meses ago Save sync gpu setting to dtm header.
3.5-1486 7 años, 8 meses ago fix gcc warning, probably also the logic
3.5-1485 7 años, 8 meses ago Revert "Create our OGL context on the same thread in the OpenGL backend. Same issue with Qualcomm not working with threading correctly."
3.5-1484 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] When running OpenGL ES 3 backend, we've got to switch the screen coordinates or bad things happen. Adds a Driver bug that causes swap every single flush. Hard requirement currently to see /a...
3.5-1483 7 años, 8 meses ago Remove saturate function define in GLSL since we use clamp everywhere instead. Change the function defines over to just regular defines since Qualcomm can't handle function defines at all it seems.
3.5-1482 7 años, 8 meses ago BPMemory: Assign a more descriptive name to a field in the genmode register.
3.5-1481 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Qualcomm glGetShaderInfoLog returns a max of 1024 bytes(tested) for the log, and glGetShaderiv with GL_INFO_LOG_LENGTH /always/ returns 0 on compile failure.
3.5-1480 7 años, 8 meses ago Whoops, look like the previous commit was also the case with VideoDX9
3.5-1479 7 años, 8 meses ago Fix a char buffer destination size in Render.cpp for VideoDX11.
3.5-1478 7 años, 8 meses ago Fix a free that should have been a delete.
3.5-1477 7 años, 8 meses ago Partial revert of 0247b2a97a1d. I'll add a work around for Qualcomm in a bit. Qualcomm shader compiler failing was only due to floating suffixes not whole function defines. Qualcomm video driver devs ...
3.5-1476 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Gamepad input. Refactor JNI native functions to all pull from a single class instead of everywhere willy-nilly
3.5-1475 7 años, 8 meses ago buffer fixes found via cppcheck/tetsuo--
3.5-1474 7 años, 8 meses ago don't define clipPos twice
3.5-1473 7 años, 8 meses ago Merge branch 'shader-uids-awesome'.
3.5-1415 7 años, 8 meses ago Fixes Issue 6353 Remove extract apploader/dol from top level
3.5-1414 7 años, 8 meses ago Handle 1 partition only, fixes Issue #6353
3.5-1413 7 años, 8 meses ago Revert "Adding Travis CI script"