3.5-1915 7 años, 8 meses ago Send pad buffer to clients when they join; fixes issue 6524.
3.5-1914 7 años, 8 meses ago sync gpu: check disable flag before volatile
3.5-1913 7 años, 8 meses ago Revert "[Android] First french translation. "
3.5-1912 7 años, 8 meses ago Revert "[Android] Added 2nd file for French translation. " This breaks the Android UI. 'translatable="false"' is there for a reason." This reverts commit 5d9700a30388ef0b20bd6a7c9a81c328f482d044.
3.5-1911 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Added 2nd file for French translation. (Sorry, I didn't find how to upload 2 files at the same time in Google Code)
3.5-1910 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] First french translation. Can't try it as I don't have any Android device. Any feedback appreciated. If misplaced, please fix it.
3.5-1909 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Invalidate the options menu upon switching fragments. This hides the 'clear game list' option faster when switching fragment. Also fixes a rare bug where the option might not even redraw whe...
3.5-1908 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Don't create a new GCMPath entry in the Dolphin config if it another existing GCMPath entry already has the same directory path.
3.5-1907 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Add the license header to Java files that were missing it.
3.5-1906 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Better description for the dual core option.
3.5-1905 7 años, 8 meses ago Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/dx9-ssaa-fix'
3.5-1889 7 años, 8 meses ago Refactor VideoCommon/OnScreenDisplay.
3.5-1888 7 años, 8 meses ago Simplify a few OSD::AddMessage calls now that this function accepts std::string objects
3.5-1887 7 años, 8 meses ago Add an OSD message when taking screenshots in D3D9/D3D11
3.5-1886 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Forgot to commit the menu layout XML when I implemented the option to clear the game list.
3.5-1885 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Fix some redundancy in the category names for the settings menu. In a menu named "Settings" (which is shown in the top left) we have the categories, "CPU Settings" and "Video Settings" - but...
3.5-1884 7 años, 8 meses ago ogl: fix ubo workaround
3.5-1883 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Add an option to clear the game list.
3.5-1882 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Since we don't show invalid filetypes in the file browser anymore, there's no need to check if a file is valid or not since they're all valid now.
3.5-1881 7 años, 8 meses ago [Android] Document most of the native functions in NativeLibrary.java.